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We all need a breath of fresh air.

April 22, 2024
Hatton Country World



‘They brought a breath of fresh air to the workplace, to the sport, to the party…’ so many breaths, in so many places and all of it fresh. But what about actual fresh air?


With busy Cities and Towns forever getting more congested with traffic there is only one place to actually find that air, in what is commonly called ‘The Countryside’. A fine example would be found here in Warwickshire. If you haven’t ventured out recently perhaps it’s time, as Summer and it’s long evenings are upon us, to dig out that ‘suitable footwear’ and head out. (Remember there is no such thing as good or bad weather, there’s just weather and a poor choice of clothing).


There are three walks and a short stroll for those who haven’t taken their walking legs out of the cupboard recently. They all start and finish at the Hatton Arms or Hatton Country World, which was created out of old redundant farm building belonging to the Hatton Estate; a vision overseen by Johnnie and Arabella Arkwright, the current owners and direct descendants of Sir Richard Arkwright a pioneer of the industrial revolution.


The short stroll essentially links the two attractions, I can attest that it is a relatively short and easy stroll. Across a field, through lovely woodland across the railway line, across the canal and you’re at the Hatton Arms, remind yourself it’s 5 O’clock somewhere and enjoy a pleasant drink while looking over The Hatton Flight, colloquially called the ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Its 21 locks cover two miles and lift the boats 144 feet out of Warwick. My personal best, with two boats and four people on the paddles, winding them approximately 2016 times, was 2 hours and thirty minutes. But it’s best to anticipate nearer to 4 hours to get up or down the flight. Then it’s a short walk up the canal back across the field and your back at Hatton Country World with it’s variety of shops and a Garden centre.


The 3 main walks are the 3.5 mile ‘Watery stroll’ taking about 90 minutes, ‘Wilderness Way’ 4.25 miles, 1 Hour 45 minutes and the longest being ‘Hatton and Grove Park’ at 5 miles and 2 hour walk.  All of the walks take in the best of the Warwickshire Countryside, all manner of woodland, spinneys, open fields, the canal, the railway, it’s all there to delight the eye and keep your eyes out for the abundance of wildlife that live here, gotta get that ‘insta’ moment! The three walks are all relatively level and can be taken at a leisurely pace, you’re not taking on Everest base camp.


So come and enjoy the Warwickshire countryside that’s right on your doorstep. Grab yourself some of that fresh air, your lungs deserve it!

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