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Tips for Escaping

May 15, 2022
Escape Rooms

Hatton Escape Rooms
  1. BELIEVE. How to get the best out of an escape room is to believe the world you are entering that it is a real place and a real place in time. You’ll have tons more fun; it’ll make more sense and will give you more chance to escape.
  2. TIME. You at no point have bags of time; the hour will be over before you know it. Think fast and move fast. Don’t spend ages pondering the pros and cons of your thoughts just TRY IT!
  3. ITEMS. Most of the things you’ll find in the room are there for a reason; the reason might not be obvious straight away, but don’t discount objects to quickly.
  4. APPEARANCE. Not everything is as it appears, a drawer doesn’t always look like a drawer. examine things carefully.
  5. TEXT. Long rambling text is not always helpful, look carefully; is there a way of ‘adapting’ the text?
  6. COMMUNICATE. Let other team members know what you have found and more importantly what you have done, you don’t want team members doing the same thing repeatedly.
  7. DIVIDE and CONQUER! Split up and systematically deal with the space you find yourself in.
  8. YOUR AUNTIES HOUSE. Remember this isn’t a relative’s house, you can open everything, touch everything, pick everything up. A tidy room is not a happy room. DON’T PUT THINGS BACK AWAY!
  9. ASSUME NOTHING. Don’t try and second guess what’s happening in the room, you don’t know what’s around the next corner…or how many corners… or rooms there maybe!
  10. DON’T PANIC! Stay calm and stay focussed, don’t get too stressed, nothing really bad is actually going to happen…. well probably not!
Hatton Escape Rooms Hatton Escape Rooms

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