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5 Tips for Camping Beginner’s

May 7, 2024
Hatton Country World

The 5 biggest Do’s and Don’ts when camping for the first time


Camping. When it’s done properly, it’s great fun for everyone involved! Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly family holiday, or an activity that will keep the kids entertained, one thing’s for sure, a camping trip is a fun and rewarding adventure that offers a unique opportunity to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together.


However, the success and enjoyment of any camping trip takes some planning and preparation. The team at Hatton Country World know exactly what it takes to enjoy the ultimate camping trip. After all, we’ve had scores of families pitch up their tents and enjoy a rural camping experience in our Warwickshire-based campsite! In order to help you have the best camping holiday possible, we’ve put together our biggest do’s and dont’s!




1.  Do: Plan, Plan, Plan!

The motto of camping really should be, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Before you’ve even thought about packing the car up with your tent, air beds and torches, you should get everything out of the packaging and check it all works.


From setting up your tent in the back garden (or a public green space if you don’t have the room), to inflating your air mattress so that you can check they fit inside your tent (and to spot any slow punctures or leaks), you can rest assured that you won’t turn up to the campsite with missing tent poles or broken air mattresses!


You should also research the camping sites you’re considering, and find out about their facilities. If you want to bring your four-legged friend, it’s vital you choose a dog-friendly campsite. You should also check the shower and toilet facilities, along with whether you can use cooking equipment such as disposable barbeques. When you plan ahead, you’re basically laying the foundation for camping success!


If you’re planning to go camping during the Summer Holidays, you should book ahead to ensure you have a guaranteed spot. At Hatton Country World, we open our booking system for camping and caravanning at Hatton Country World in early Spring – you can book online!


2.              Do: Book in some fun activities

One of the great parts of camping is that you can take each day at your own pace, away from the hustle and bustle of life. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t book in some fun activities in the surrounding area!


Booking in family-friendly activities is especially important if you’re camping during peak seasons (such as the Easter or Summer Holidays), as attractions tend to get fully booked really quickly.


If you’re camping in the rolling countryside of Warwickshire, why not consider visiting Hatton Adventure World? With a daily programme of events for everyone and over 450 creatures, 60 different breeds and species set in 100 acres of countryside, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


From tractor safari rides to falconry displays, laser tag and soft play areas, your family are sure to have a memorable time


Tickets start from £9.95 during low season for non-members. If you love exploring Hatton and want to experience fun all year round, it may be worth becoming a member. Find out more here.


3.              Do: Embrace the Surrounding Area

Camping is all about adventure and exploring the area you’re staying in! From woodland treasure hunts to countryside walks, and even playing outdoor games such as bowls or hide and seek, campsites often offer an abundance of free activities right on your proverbial camping doorstep.


For example, surrounding Hatton Country World’s camping and caravan site are three spectacular nature walks, ranging from 1.5 miles to 5.5 miles, taking you through fields, churches and woodland across Warwickshire. For the adults, you could plan a stop off at The Hatton Arms, where you can drink in the view of the rolling country hills (along with a beer or two!)


4.              Do: Unplug and Connect

Camping helps bring us back to the basics and helps us step away from screens that have become an integral part of everyday life. One of the best parts of camping is reconnecting with each other and nature. So, why not embrace the chance to go on family hikes, play games, and share tales around the campfire, without the distraction of a smartphone, tablet or laptop?


Put away those smartphones and enjoy real conversations – your kids might even learn that life exists beyond emojis!


5. Do: Safety First, Adventure Second

Safety should be your camping compass. Teach your kids about the basics of camping safety, like not wandering off alone, staying hydrated, and applying sunscreen. Familiarise yourselves with the campsite’s emergency procedures and keep a first-aid kit handy. With safety in check, you’ll have the peace of mind to let the adventures unfold!



1.  Don’t: Overpack the Kitchen Sink

We get it – you don’t want to miss out on anything. But trust us, the camping gods won’t be too pleased if you bring everything including the kitchen sink!


Scale down on those unnecessary kitchen gadgets. Ask yourself, do you really need to bring that cocktail shaker or cast iron skillet? Instead, focus on basics like a stove, cookware, and reusable plates and cutlery. You’re camping, not preparing a gourmet feast for the King!


2.              Don’t: Forget the Weather Forecast

Remember, we’re in the UK, where the weather’s a bit like a surprise party – you never really know what you’re going to get!


Check the forecast before you head out and pack accordingly. Raincoats, wellies, and layers are your best friends. Be ready for a sun-soaked picnic or a rain-drenched adventure – and either way, make it a blast!


3.              Don’t: Leave Nature Messy

Mother Nature is like our host for this camping party, so let’s be good guests! Always clean up after yourselves. Use bin bags to collect rubbish and make sure you’re not leaving any traces of your visit. A clean campsite means happy campers and a pristine environment for others to enjoy.


Remember, the golden rule of camping is ‘Leave No Trace’. Preserve the beauty of the great outdoors by respecting wildlife, staying on designated paths, and using eco-friendly products. It’s like giving the Earth a big bear hug – and we’re pretty sure bears appreciate it!


4.              Don’t: Neglect the Bedtime Battle

Bedtime can be a challenge, especially when the excitement of camping is in the air. Set up a cosy sleeping area and bring familiar blankets or stuffed cuddly toys to make it feel like home. Establish a bedtime routine and stick to it – after all, well-rested campers are happy campers!


5.              Don’t: Turn up with a bad attitude

When it comes to camping, stripping back your expectations and embracing the great outdoors is the best attitude to have. If you turn up expecting a 5* resort, you’re going to be very disappointed. Ensuring you know exactly what facilities your campsite offers can help you prepare for different scenarios and outcomes, which ensures your comfort. But remember, camping is a great adventure that’s made even better with a great attitude!


Camping at Hatton Country World

Whether you’re a novice camper embarking on your first trip, or you’re a seasoned camper with the skill level of Bear Grylls, Hatton Country World Campsite is a complete destination for all the family.


Our site is centrally located, giving you easy access to the best of Warwickshire’s attractions, including Stratford Upon Avon and numerous National Trust Properties, and of course on the doorstep of Hatton Country World and the Grand Union Canal with its famous ‘stairway to heaven’, the UK’s longest flight of locks. Book your spot online today.


(All info Correct from the date of Publish)

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