New to 2024, the Corn Crypt Maze offers a thrilling and eerie adventure unlike any other. As you step into the unsettling remnants of an abandoned maize maze, a sense of anticipation and trepidation fills the air. The maze promises twists and turns through its mysterious maze, challenging your courage with every step. Are you bold enough to enter this enigmatic labyrinth, where shadows seem to whisper secrets of the past? More crucially, will you navigate its winding paths without bumping into one of Pumpkin Hollows residents and emerge triumphant on the other side? The Corn Crypt Maze beckons the brave and curious to test their mettle against the unknown, will you make it out?

Due to the Live actors we would not recommend this part of the experience for those with a nervous disposition and Dogs will not be permitted through this area, there will be an alternative path to the pumpkin field missing this section out.

Experience will last between 5-15 mins (depending on if you get lost!)

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