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May 24, 2024
Hatton Country World

The Best Country Walks in Warwick


With rolling green hills, mediaeval castles, and the age-old river Avon, Warwickshire is rich with natural beauty and a romantic history. Shakespeare County grants some of the most picturesque walking routes in the UK with a convenient central location inviting visitors from all over.


Escaping to the country brings some much-needed quiet, open space, and fresh clean air that melts away stress, so make sure you spend some time strolling the UK’s idyllic countryside this 2024.

The Stairway to Heaven

Hatton, Warwick CV35 7JL

Country Walks Leaflet 

When you’re in need of a rural retreat, it’s worth considering the impressive 21 Hatton Locks, also affectionately dubbed ‘The Stairway to Heaven’, as the title holders of the longest flight of locks across the entire Grand Union Canal linking London and Birmingham. These waterways have a legacy dating back to 1799, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that a huge project went underway to widen the Hatton stretch and craft it into the 14 ft across spectacle that it is today.


This made the area the perfect host for wide loads of coal, tea, sugar, and spices. There might not be as many trading boats on the waters today, but you can still enjoy the marvellous scenes on show from the charming pub and restaurant that sits peacefully alongside the Hatton Canal. This traditional public house, The Hatton Arms, is home to expansive documents and illustrations detailing the history of the locks. For this alone, it makes a great starting place for a watery stroll along the canal. Equipped with the history and significance of the locks, your walking group might just have a greater appreciation for the simple beauty of these mature, venerable waterway devices.


You’ll come to cross a bridge over the canal. First and foremost, you’ll get to challenge your companions to a ruthless game of Poohsticks before walking through the kissing gate and out into luscious green fields. You’re then treated to yet another bridge- a green one this time- that takes you up over the railway line and, upon turning right, you’ll walk up the field ominously named Black Hills. This then leads on to Paddock Field, which will welcome you via a picturesque wicket gate. Turn left, and you will arrive at Hatton Country World, where even greater excitement awaits.

Adventures along the Avon

Keeping with the theme of olden-day trading routes, a country walk beginning in the medieval market town of Stratford-upon-Avon promises dreamy surroundings between itself and the small, tranquil village of Welford-upon-Avon.


Shakespeare’s birthplace is brimming with opportunities for play and learning. You can visit where the playwright spent his school days, or the cottage where he courted his eventual wife Anne Hathaway in a beautiful building more than 500 years old.


When you’re ready to get lost in the greenery again, simply follow along the river Avon to the neighbouring village. Welford is a sanctuary for rural life. As a committed conservation area, you’ll pass plenty of delightful traditional thatched roof cottages, intimate public houses, and the idyllic Boat Lane which some say to be the most widely photographed lane in the county.

Circling Packwood

Like much of Warwickshire, Packwood is another parish that began as a medieval settlement. The church of St Giles dates back to the 13th century and to this day sits undisturbed on the northern tip of Packwood, surrounded by drawn-out, peaceful fields.


From the Church, a walk south along Packwood Road will take you to the timelessly handsome Tudor manor, Packwood House, hosting a wealth of Renaissance tapestries and a bespoke garden estate. There’s plenty of beauty and history to enjoy at this National Trust location, but when you’re ready to move on we suggest turning right and venturing down to the junction meeting Rising Lane.


A footpath should appear on the right that lets you and your companions loose onto the sprawling fields. Here, you’ll stumble across a charming farmhouse, quintessential to the villages of middle England. Soon, your tribe will reach Glasshouse Lane where a right turn will take you back up to Packwood. Passing Fetherston House and Packwood Hall again, another right-hand turn will take you to the Hall and back to St Giles Church.

The Hatton Country World

Link to Hatton Country World

For the adventurous kinds, The Hatton Estate is home to countless diverse activities ready to welcome families, couples, colleagues, school groups, and more. From the lovable chaos of escape rooms, laser combat, and our Adventure World to the quieter days out spent browsing our outdoor market or relaxing next to the wooden fire in The Hatton Arms, Hatton is here to promise great memories and quality time spent together.


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