Christmas has come early for Hatton Adventure Farm as Aggie the reindeer has just delivered her first fawn – in the heat of the Summer.

December is the time to be jolly if you are a reindeer as it is their prime mating season and this was certainly the case for the four- year-old deer who was clearly making ‘doe eyes’ at new buck Prancer, who was the latest arrival to help out at Hatton during the festive period.

The result: the yet-unnamed fawn who was born last week to the proud parents who are preparing him for life on the farm.

Now staff are inviting visitors to its Facebook page to name the baby and win the chance to open the Christmas Grotto which is a major attraction throughout the festive period.

“Christmas is the mating season for reindeer, and the result is this beautiful new fawn,” said Richard Craddock, Hatton’s farm manager.
“We want the thousands of visitors to come and see the reindeer and come up with a suitable name through Facebook – you can see the baby online now,” he said.

Aggie, Prancer and the little fawn will be helping out with the grotto to Hatton Adventure Farm from November as they take part in the wonderland grotto and the nativity which uses real animals. “The nativity scene using real animals including donkeys and reindeer was a real attraction last year and we hope to repeat it for many years to come with more of our own farm-reared animals. Now we have an extra Santa’s little helper this year,” said Richard.

The reindeer will play his part in Hatton’s Summer Spectacular (July 20-Sept 1), which will feature sheep and goat racing and falconry displays, as well as children’s shows, a host of adventure activities and a giant soft play zone.