KS1 and KS2

All group educational visits to Hatton Farm combine an exciting mix of shows, demonstrations and adventure. Our educational visits are geared towards particular topics that may be covered at school, with our programmes developed in line with the national curriculum


Educational Topics


Caring for Animals

In this educational topic the children learn about the 5 basic things that all animals need whether farm animals or pets at home. This is combined with feeding the animals and visiting guinea pig village.


Plant Growing

A farm isn’t just for animals, we also have many different crops and our very own vegetable patch where the children can learn all about what we have growing. They also get the opportunity to each plant something that they can take home (or back to school).


Animal Adaptation

All animals are different and they have had to adapt to living in a variety of different habitats. In this topic we help the children to see some of these amazing adaptations.


Bugs and Beasties

Children can explore in a safe environment about all our natural wildlife and learn ways that you can help protect it when at home or at school.


The Chicken and The Egg

The group learn about the changes our animals go through as they grow from young to adult. We have many different animals all in different stages of development.


Our Farming Year

Learn in a fun and interactive way about where our food is produced before arriving at our supermarkets. You will explore the farm seeking out where we get our fruits, vegetables and meats from.



Claverdon School Group Visit

Claverdon School Visit from Hatton Country World on Vimeo.