Our promise to parents

We promise to provide children with the opportunity to; try new things, gain confidence, make new friends, learn new skills, be more self-reliant, have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. We believe these are all essential parts of growing up, and by bringing children together in small groups to socialise and learn from each other, they can share the adventure together.

For over 20 years Onside Coaching have been providing primary aged children of all abilities the opportunity to have fun and participate in planned and supervised activities. During the school holidays Onside offers parents an Ofsted Registered active childcare solution, with a choice of Active Kids, Football, Dance and Forest Schools at a number of local venues. In term time they deliver Curriculum PE, Forest Schools and extra curricular clubs to primary schools. The team are always working closely with teachers ensuring continued best practice.

Staff are Level 2 and 3 qualified in the activities delivered and also follow rigorous Safeguarding and Child Protection training including: Paediatric First Aid, Mental Health, Risk Assessment and Protective Behaviours modules.

For 30 years Hatton Country World have been providing ‘edutainment’ and outdoor leaning facilities for many hundreds of thousands of children.

Nestled in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, the 700 acre estate is home to a vast array of attractions and facilities, including Hatton Adventure World with over 450 creatures, 60 different breeds and species and over 100 acres of fresh air and adventure activities.
Adventure Camp activities take place across the whole of Hatton Estate.

Once everyone has arrived, children will be organised into groups based on things like age, ability siblings etc. We then take part in a morning programme of activities covering teamwork,  challenges, exercise, fun and creativity before stopping for lunch. The afternoon is made up of more activities enjoying the great outdoors.  No two days will be the same and wxact activities will depend on the weather.

Please send your child with a healthy packed lunch, snacks and a re-fillable water bottle.

Children should where comfortable clothing for being active. Please supply additional layers and a waterproof. It is essential that footwear is suitable for fast paced activity.

There is a large indoor space that will be for the exclusive use of the course. Where possible though, all activities will take place outside. Indoor spaces will be used at lunch and break times and in poor weather.

Please apply children with an all day sun cream prior to arrival. Children can apply their own sun cream throughout the day if provided by parents.

Different activities work better with different sized groups, we work to a maximum ratio of 1:15 children in a group

All Onside coaches are paediatric first aid trained and undergo regular training and refreshers. You will be notified of any first aid that has taken place.

If your child’s medical information changes you can update any medical or food allergies through your customer account. We will prompt you to check them every time you make a booking.

Park in the main visitor car park. Adventure Camp HQ is accessed directly from this car park and will be clearly signposted.

All places are required to be booked and paid for in advance. If you wish to book additional days this can be done by editing your order or by making a new booking.  By editing an existing order you can take advantage of the discounted weekly price.

Hatton Country World, Dark Lane,
Hatton, Warwick, Warwickshire
CV35 8XA